Up In Smoke!

Up In Smoke…MFB Machiavelli


Is there a Machiavellian villain or villains in the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade?few-2305843009214700218

Is this one of the reasons that it is known to have a toxic culture of bullying & misogyny.

Is there a Covert Narcissist/s that has infiltrated the rank & file & slowly poisoned the whole organization like a cancer?

Years of corruption & misuse of power is finally being exposed….


Does my ex have Mafia connections? I call him ‘Pooh Smelly’….it rhymes with his name.

He Mentioned he was part of the ‘Honor Society’ or in his words “Onorata Societia”….


We often met at a small local café where a lot of Italian fruiterers & businessmen would congregate.

They would turn up as if they knew he would ‘be there’, in their Ferrari’s & other fancy cars. They would sit outside & he would make a point of going to ‘talk’ to them but, leaving me alone inside. They never looked surprised to see him but, more that they expected he would be there.


I once jokingly asked if they were Mafia & he told me I shouldn’t ask so many questions or I might find out!

I asked him if he was worried about being seen there with them & he told me, that’s why I was there so, it was all legit!

I was his cover just in case suspicions were aroused, I thought he was kidding but, in hindsight doubt that he was.


On another occasion he told me that if I ever needed anyone to ‘disappear’ he could arrange it.

I asked him what he meant & he alluded to a known ‘missing person’ that I knew of so, I queried what he knew about that & he told me his disappearance was, to send a message to others to “keep their mouths shut”.

These are Italian families & he comes from Calabria.

I researched his ancestry for him & found his family name had ties to a New York Mafia family & his daughter had married into another well-known Mafia family.


He told me about the Vampire Killing & Julia Gillard’s involvement with corrupt building workers union officials etc…for work done on her home with union members monies.

This was years before the media & public knew. How did he know so much?

He said he new lots about many people because, he had a network of informants & he used his position to gain useful information on many well known public identities as, you never knew when you might find it useful.


He had his best friend a Senior Detective Sergeant call me at home to ‘warn me off’ trying to discredit him, when I found out he had been lying & cheating on me with numerous other women.

He reported me from his best friends police station for a text message wherein I called him a ‘sleazebag’ & I was humiliated at my workplace.

His best friend called me again & intimidated me & warned me in a text that my now ex would not take it kindly if I ‘besmirched his good character’.


The brakes failed on my daughters car (one he had sold me) for no reason & she was seriously hurt. I took his threats seriously & ceased trying to expose his disgusting behaviour.

Other partners confirmed he was cruel & narcissistic, had beaten two & raped one. He attacked me in my workplace & later apologised when I fought him off, he said it was an act of ‘passion!’ I tried to leave him but, he stalked me at home & wore me down so, I acquiesced & remained in a relationship with him. I was a bit scared of him to be honest.


He groomed, triangulated, lied, conned, duped, controlled, manipulated & abused many of us. He threatened to kill me if I left him & told me he owned me. He was possessive & jealous & I was ashamed to leave him after he had given me diseases & caused me to have major surgery.


He coerced me into completing an Advanced Diploma in Business Management for him so, that he could keep his Commander ranking. He didn’t even invite me to his graduation but, showed me his picture in his gown.

He lied about his own mothers funeral so, that I could not attend & had his family & friends contact me whenever I tried to escape or uncover his lies. His own children lied to my face about events so, that I would not catch on. He even had firemen call me to keep seeing him after, I had decided I did not want too. I was flattered that he would have them call me but, now know that grown men don’t normally do this unless they are being controlled & manipulated as, followers & enablers.


He is very misogynistic & would say horrible sexist things & when I confronted him, he would say I was being over sensitive & that he was joking but, he wasn’t. He has a Trump thing going on in his head & locker room talk is his normal.


I look at all the trouble in the MFB & I know he is known as the ‘Scab’ amongst his co-workers & he is disliked by many.

I often heard him playing people off against each other, management & his co-workers & the union. He pretends to be everyone’s best friend but, is secretly undermining & backstabbing them all to achieve his agenda. He creates the dramas & division so, that all eyes are off him & his deplorable antics. He’s been reaping all the job rewards doing nothing but, playing games with all & sundry.


He is obsessed with money, sex & control. Sells used cars & puts most money into his personal account & does not declare transactions for business so, that he can avoid tax.

He used the Brigade car for all his personal business even sex, had two phones & two emails to cover his tracks. He meets with senior officials & criminals behind closed doors.

He relays confidential information between Police, Firies & Mafia? etc…

He even confided he worked for ASIO on official business (this was mostly an elaborate lie to big note himself) but, he did tell me of special operations re security in the Melbourne underground train network before they took place. He also told other women he was involved in special secret operations so, not great at keeping things secret & I doubt that ASIO would use him.


So, is there an evil force at work within the MFB? Why are so many people leaving & why is the CFA & UFU & the Government of the day in so much turmoil, I wonder!