So so many labels for cheats/manipulators/users/liars/con artists/control freaks/abusers etc…

I’d like to thank you.

Yes, Thank You, for showing me the door to enlightenment.

Thanks for showing me just how shallow some people can be.

I guess it’s clever using the fact you have no empathy or conscience to get what you want from everyone. To use anything & anyone to achieve your own selfish agenda.

Boy that must feel good, to know that your powers of persuasion & trickery can fool even the most intelligent folk among us.

I cannot imagine how superior you must feel to con, lie, manipulate, abuse, game etc…to achieve your own personal agenda. Gee, you must nearly pee your pants with excitement when you take someone down. It’s a real achievement to destroy something of beauty. You must be proud! 

I can’t begin to imagine the pleasure you receive in using love against a person. It might be a partner, child, parent, friend or sibling. Even a co-worker will get theirs I suppose!

You take emotion & use it to harm. That must make you ever so proud. Like taking candy from a baby. That truly is something to behold & covet. All those conquests against humanity. Hmm, along with every other gross indecency inflicted on mankind, your in good company I suppose? All those nasty wicked dehumanisers must be great fun to be acquainted with. You know the one’s, they humiliate, defile & are basically just like you, sycophant’s!

Does it feel good to have gained while taking? Do you go around bragging about the less fortunate that you have used?

No. You don’t tell people how you achieve your status, your money, your fake persona, gee I can’t imagine why not!

Maybe the following reminders will help? 

You did not earn respect, you took it!

You did not love another. You don’t know what love is but, who cares, you don’t. Can’t miss what you don’t have. You do know possession but, that is transient, like you!

You just play pretend to get something you want or desire. Oh that’s mature!

Your lazy, self motivated, greedy, bombastic, childish, selfish, crude & artificial.

So, Thank You for showing me that side of you that is contemptuous, callous & cruel because, it made me appreciate the ‘real’ people, the ‘real’ love of a true heart. It really did!

You made me dig deep down, deeper than ever & I came up with something far more valuable than you ever will. I know that with your artificial intelligence & inability to relate from a loving level that you cannot & will not understand but, thanks for being soulless & waking me up! It made me even more humane & a person I am proud to be!

I walk free of all life’s encumbrance. I have my own free will.I don’t objectify myself or others. I own nothing but myself. I want for nothing & I am not on some eternal mad quest for more! I am tolerant, compassionate & I don’t screw people over. I am the real McCoy! Just plain & simple old me, real & pure!

Thank you, I have gratitude & as hard as it was to see you for all you are, it was worth it. Yes, you liberated me from slavery & I ain’t never going back!

Oh & please remain out of my life so, I can continue to breathe clear, unpolluted air.

There’s a good whatever you are??? Adios A ME GO….awareb4.