He holds a high ranking position in the Victorian Fire Brigade but, for years he has used his position to play games with his fellow workers & assorted people to sustain his delusions of grandeur.
When I first met him, I was impressed by his commanding persona & ability to charm the birds from the tree’s.
His ranking alone was’ Commander’ so, I was suitably impressed. He took ‘Command’ of me!

He came into my life hard & fast with his smooth talk & charismatic allure.
He made me feel ‘Special’.
I was pursued by a barrage of phone calls, all re-enforcing how absolutely amazing I was.
He told me I was very attractive, smart, funny & most of all I was important & valued.
My head was huge with his compliments & my days & nights were romantically filled with ‘sweet nothings’ whispered into my ear.

‘Sweet Nothings’ was right alright!

I literally believed & wanted to believe every word he spouted from his fountain of effluent.
His love of Muhammad Ali, ‘Looks like a Butterfly but, Stings like a Bee’ is actually very appropriate under the circumstances.

After 10 years of cycling through his seduction, grooming, devaluing & repeated ‘cat & mouse’ games, I was unceremoniously extinguished like the flame on a candle.
I was snuffed out by another ‘New Flame’ that he had managed to ‘stoke the fire’s’ of for many years whilst, still blowing smoke up my proverbial bottom!

I got the Fireman’s axe literally!

Alas, we were not alone & many small fires were burning around him!
One had been smoldering for 28 years, one for 14 years & all burning in different locations.
One is even running like a ‘wildfire’ in the Canadian Mountains I am told.

Ah but, there are others being fed the kindling of his flaming hot tongue filled with platitudes of ‘I am burning with desire for you’, ‘I am so hot for you’, ‘You light up my life’, ‘I am on fire around you!’.
What a hot bed of passion & lust he extols &, apparently he hasn’t burnt his script.
Just scorched it around the edges like an old pirates ‘treasure map’.
The hidden treasure is not him although he will tell you it is!
You will find an empty box with fake coins & fake promise’s.

Unfortunately for the Fireman where there is smoke there is fire &, some of these are raging ‘out of control’, fire fronts have joined up!
Like Guy Fawkes it’s an inferno & cannot be contained nor controlled.
His old & new flames are ignited & united to put the Fireman out!

Up in Flames he goes but, these women are the Phoenix’s.
The Ex’s are rising up & rising to burn his house of cards down.
He can Huff & He can Puff but, he cannot put their fire out.

Be careful when you light that next match Pyromaniac Nymphomaniac Fireman as, it may be the match you have never met until now!

Liar Liar your pants are on Fire!