I’ve never been to a Masquerade Ball before but, I’d like too.
Unfortunately being involved romantically with a Disordered Mind meant I attended one frequently.
At these ball’s, the guest is required to dance the dance of the Seven Lie’s.
Not veils although there is always the veil of secrecy.
You get to Tango around in the arms of the consummate liar.
You Cha Cha with a great side stepping manipulator & Fox Trot with the foxiest slyest fox you’ve ever meet.
You won’t stop to catch your breath as, you spin out of control during the Rock & Roll dance which is, the Gas Lighting section of the Ball.

The strobing lights will send you into a tail spinning oblivion.

You won’t see or hear properly as, the effects are mind altering. Light’s on/off, on/off will make you dizzy!
You will Rock & Roll your heart out as Elvis sings ‘Caught In A Trap’ & then lure’s you into ‘Suspicious Minds’.
Keep dancing, keep dancing & swirling about until the floor & ceiling meld into one.

You quick step into the Paso Doble aka the ‘bullfight’.
You will request a break as, your out of breath & your dance partner will oblige.

He spots another Dancing Queen as, she shimmers & shines on the dance floor.
The Jazz music plays as you watch your partner use his ‘jazz hands’ & slick footed manoeuvres on this Dancing Queen.
Ah, The Waltz starts & you love The Waltz but, your partner is now gliding around with the Dancing Queen on his arm as, you sit on the sidelines hoping he see’s you?
He no longer see’s you at all & his mask slips off as, he sashays past you & out the door with the smoke machine billowing clouds around his feet.
He’s gone in a puff of smoke & so, has the Dancing Queen.
You wait patiently but, he doesn’t return.

You rise up shakily & enter the dance floor alone. Slowly you sway with Michael Buble’ but, you dance a beautiful lonely solo.
Your dance card is soon full again as, you gracefully perform your dance of freedom.
Finally though you dance as if no-one is watching & let it go.

It’s time for some ‘Footloose’, so cut loose & dance your own dance & masklive!