I often like to perceive my life as a Stained Glass window.
I look at the myriad of colours & patterns that have decorated my life.

I like to look through each colour & see the different stages & my perceptions via each coloured glass piece in respect to my life.
My fears & my experiences & my whole life are all contained in each piece depending on which one I choose to look through.

I often think that I have stood on the wrong side of the coloured glass many times with no light.
Especially in times of great inner turmoil, pain or trauma.

You need to go inside to see the stained glass properly or hold a light up to it to see it’s full glory. When you look at stained glass from within, the light dapples across you like a rainbow & the patterns & colours come alive.

If  darkness falls & there is no illumination of light, the beauty of the Stained Glass is dark & foreboding.

I think of souls like this. Illuminated from within so, that the colours & light can be seen. The true beauty is fully displayed when lit up & the light must come to allow the stained glass to be observed & appreciated.

Each piece of my coloured glass tells a story that is unique. As I look at each colour I see red for passion, gold for strength, green for envy, purple for spirit, blue for mood, pink for love, orange for guidance, yellow for warmth & the metal that holds it together is my skeleton, my frame.
Each colour is representative of my journey & sometimes I draw on them all to meld together in unison to form my story. Imagine a serene scene of beautiful colour or a mess of abstract coloured pieces, all still forming something wonderous.
In order to heal our minds & bodies & spirits we must light up from within so that our own true colours can be seen. We then reflect our individual rainbow of colours that are our essence & that are our soul.

If only everyone could see how they light & reflect such beauty from within &, not keep looking outside of themselves for others to colour their world.
Bring your own colours & form a beautiful montage of your person.
A unique & individual vista of colours that make the kaleidoscope of life that unites us all. We are all Stained Glass.