lionHow long are we going to sit back & accept the unacceptable without taking some action? Forever it seems for some! I have recently discovered a woman trapped by the co-dependence that my ex Disordered Mind has created! For 28 years this woman has been kept on a leash by this reprehensible man & still finds herself addicted, even though he lives with another woman! He calls & visits regularly for his ego & selfish supply! He was married when she met him & throughout his marriage she was his mistress. I know what you are thinking & that she deserves to be depressed & made to compete via triangulation & controlled but, as we all know this is an easy trap to slip into with a Disordered Mind Gamer! She has been groomed & conditioned to accept the unacceptable & now in her twilight years, she has nothing. She told me he made her wait in his car whilst he visited his wife in hospital after her hysterectomy! He’s a poor excuse for a man & this is disgusting behavior. He recently divorced his wife of 35 years but, apparently left her 10 years ago? No one is sure of when he actually left or in fact ever did. They did live separately but, he has his enablers (his adult children) keep tabs on her & make sure she doesn’t form another relationship! His son is literally on his payroll & lives with the ex-wife & reports to Daddy! I was caught for 10 years by the pathological lies, seduction, gaming, gas-lighting, devaluing, competition, manipulation & my eventual discard. I instigated my own discard when the current other woman alerted me. So here we are 2014 & I am 16 months out of this sordid game but, wait there’s more. I have remained in contact with the current partner & we have formed a ‘sisterhood’ allegiance. I do not blame her or any other woman as I know the intoxication of the Sociopath/Covert Narcissist. I get the idealization, the ‘special’ value of validation & he made me come alive as a woman when I needed it. Unfortunately as many of us know, this is the ‘bonding’ that the Disordered Mind creates & then ultimately destroys you with. At least he tried but, I have survived. I contacted another woman who after 14 years & still counting! She was relieved to hear from me. Yes, relieved as he has controlled & manipulated & lied & compartmentalized us all. He has stopped our lives whilst he continued his! We have all heard the exact, identical script & the patterning of abuse is unbelievable. He ‘owns’ us all, we are all his ‘possessions’ & what a monologue of the same BS we have all been spoon fed systematically until, we were under ‘the spell’ & brainwashed until we were brain-dead! He has abused us all emotionally, physically & spiritually but, this is another survivor & hopefully soon another will fly free of this evil malevolent little man. Yes, he’s short, fat & ugly but, very charismatic & a master of illusion. So, now we wait as, it appears the current lady (executioner) is finally going to behead this travesty of a man via his own guillotine. I for one am holding the basket to catch his head! Perhaps justice can be served & let me tell you now, never give up on yourself & never under estimate the power of the ‘sisterhood’. Beware the ‘Bitcherhood’ but, have faith that every ‘Dog or Puss has it’s Day’. Some are fortunate to witness it whilst just the knowing can be enough ๐Ÿ™‚ I will let you know what happens but, if it quacks like a Narcissist,it more than likely is! So Beware,be brave & be smart. Remember, your a target not a victim. Your beautiful heart is like a Bee to Honey but, what a stinger the Disordered Mind has! Time to be allergic to bee’s me thinks! No More Purring Pussies! We are not just vagina garages for phallic driven ego’s. Roar off in your own custom designed vehicle, YOU! Stay in the drivers seat always…Vroom! I am Woman, hear me ROAR! Love & Light, Awareb4 ๐Ÿ™‚