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You must get fit emotionally, physically & spiritually.
Disordered Minds have no empathy or conscience & their parasitic lifestyle affects your parasympathetic nervous system.

Parasympathetic Nervous System

The Parasympathetic system is the branch of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) responsible for the body’s ability to recuperate and return to a balanced state (known as “homeostasis”) after experiencing pain or stress. While the Sympathetic system is also known as the “fight or flight” response, the Parasympathetic is often called “relax and renew.”

Interestingly, the Parasympathetic functions in opposition to the Sympathetic nervous system. When the sympathetic system activates in response to some sort of stressor, the parasympathetic reacts in turn to bring the body back to a state of equilibrium. The Parasympathetic system is consistently active at a low level, but levels of activity increase when it is necessary to bring the body back to a balanced state from a state of elevated Sympathetic activity.

The primary Parasympathetic nerve is the vagus nerve, also known as cranial nerve X. When active, the Parasympathetic system slows down heart rate, dilates blood vessels, activates digestion, and stores energy. Unlike the Sympathetic system, the Parasympathetic response does not necessarily perform all of these functions at once, but selectively, as needed.
In order to survive an abusive experience or in fact have a better chance of withstanding one, you must train your mind, body & soul like an elite athlete trains for competition.
I used to go to a gym when I first started dating my disordered mind but, he realized that physical strength gave me confidence. He systematically started undermining this activity by saying, ‘You don’t need to go to the gym, you look great to me’. Building up my ego & making me feel secure in the relationship that I was okay just the way I am. I kept going & then he said, ‘You can’t afford to go’,
‘You complain about money & pay gym fees & you could just walk if you wanted to get fit!’
He accused me of going to meet men & when I got angry at that, he started wanting to see me more. I am a creature of habit so, he knew my routines & started to interfere with them. I stopped attending, not because of his demands etc…but, because he made me ill & I needed surgery. ( I cannot disclose what but, it was intensely personal).
After my eventual discard, I recognized that whilst emotionally I wasn’t ready, I needed to get physically fit & hope my mind caught up.
I felt better doing something for myself & the endorphin’s & routines made life normal as I ran
through the emotional & spiritual mind fields.
You have to get up & push yourself daily like a job & even small steps are good & each day, go a bit further & surround yourself with feel good people & objects.
You must also learn to be happy alone & not keep looking outside of yourself. Just sit with yourself & your feelings & give them the recognition they deserve. Self talk but, self talk yourself up, not down. It’s terribly hard but, you are worth your own effort & just like the effort you put into others, you must have the same dedication.
I was speaking to an lovely 87 year old who suffers some depression & I said, try & spend the time you have left thinking & feeling happy thoughts of a life well lived & loved.
Soon enough you will transcend this life & be at peace & loved beyond comprehension so, be happy here while you can & remember everything is temporary & nothing is more limiting than our own thoughts so, think big!
This is your chance, don’t waste it & be happy while your here.
You will have a greater chance at happiness & peace in your life if you manage to bring your physical, emotional & spiritual self into alignment via exercise. Exercise your free will, your free movement & free your heart.