I have recently been placed in the unenviable position of finding other women that my ex Sociopath/Narcissist has under his evil spell.
I was given some names of women that had been on the interchange bench & still are!
I tried to contact two for allegiance when, I realized that they were still in ‘the game!’
How did I find this out?
It’s complicated but, I was warned by one of the Sociopath/Narc’s followers that he was very angry & was going to file a complaint for stalking etc…???
I was given these details by the current OW so, I am not the stalker as such, just the messenger.
I was trying to reach out to other women for their benefit & perhaps help them understand the person that they were involved with.

I then went onto discover that the Sociopath/Narc has created a ‘bond’ or co-dependence or in fact is still involved with these ladies!
It’s the good old ‘triangulation competition’ or ‘pick me, pick me’ that is being played out.
The Sociopath/Narc has been grooming these women for years & they have been well trained in compliance, servitude, loyalty etc…
All for a shred of this attention!
It’s a very peculiar situation to be involved in & now I realize the full extent of the power that the Narcissist wields over his ‘collection’ of ladies.
Some of these women are married or just waiting on the sidelines.Kept on hold just in case he feels the need for gratification or ‘the chosen one’ misbehaves or is not performing her role to placate & service him.

It’s literally like a prized dog show where they all run around a ring with their coats all coiffed & ribbons in their hair. Prancing & Trotting whilst, the judge measures them up against the other!
Waiting for 1st, 2nd,3rd & runner-up or, Best In Show!
At the moment, the ‘Chosen’ one is fully fluffed primped & preened & basking in the limelight.
The fact that she has good blood lines AKA is financially loaded & has the designer lifestyle that the ‘Stud’ requires, has her draped with a big ‘1st Prize’ ribbon & massive ‘trophy’, him!
To show for all her worth! Your the ‘Best In Show!’

Meanwhile, I have been sent to the dog shelter to find a good home. 🙂
The ‘other’ doggies are continuing to run around the show ring,trying to get his attention,’Pick Me’.
Hoping for the prize! You might get some nice gift, maybe? Or a bone, usually a bone!
The funny thing is though, the prize Stud is a Dud! He actually calls them all his ‘bitches’.
“Your my bitch”, still rings in my head but, that’s okay as, I called him, “My Bastard!”:)
Maybe the Prize Turkey competition would be more fitting, he gobble gobbles & puffs up like one! 😉

dog show