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Love ya.
‘I Am Woman’, hear me Roar but, the sad fact is no-one heard the roar.

For Alison Bayden-Clay, Reeva Steencamp,Lisa Harnum, Stephanie Scott, Rosie Batty,Jyoti Singh this is for you.

It’s also  for all women that are nameless & faceless but, have been murdered or abused because, they could be.

I Am Sorry you were scared & hid in a toilet & shot.
I Am Sorry you were thrown off a balcony.
I Am Sorry your body was left abandoned in a creek.

I Am Sorry your were raped, burnt & tortured.

I Am Sorry your last moments were filled with fear, pain & no Dignity or Respect.

I Am So So Sorry that no-one fought for you against the Evil that Masqueraded as Love!
I Am Sorry that the men you loved did not love you or protect you.

I am Sorry that by being born a female made you vulnerable & a target.

I Am Sorry you were viewed as less than or a possession to be used, controlled & manipulated.

I Am Sorry that someone’s selfishness, need for power, sex or money left you in danger.

I Am Sorry that you suffered.
That you endured such torment & hell.
Mostly I am sorry that you are gone from this earth.

Violence & selfishness took you away.
You are Mothers, Daughters, Friends, Sisters & Exceptional Worthwhile Women.

You were Hunted, Threatened & Slaughtered for Power & Control.
You were Manipulated, Terrorized & Cheated on.
Mainly you have been Cheated & Robbed of your Existence.

All because, we did not hear the silent ‘Roar’.
Your heart that said, ‘Forget Me Not’.

Rest In Peace with the Angels.
You are not forgotten, nor Forsaken.
You mattered & Your life & Story does too.
You will be Acknowledged, Remembered & Valued.

Forget Me Not!

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