It’s so funny what life dishes out.
Literally, you just never know what will end up on your plate!

I am going to attempt to make this account truthfully honest yet humorous.
After all if you can’t laugh what can you do, cry?
When the tears stop though, you must find something funny?
Even if it’s yourself crying like a banshee or snuffling like a baby, have a chuckle at yourself if you can?

You don’t heal until you start to see yourself & your situation clearly.
Laughing makes you breath deeply & eases some of the painfulness of the experience.
At least it does for me.

As a child I was always clumsy & forever having accidents.
I really was given a body that lacked co-ordination & grace.

It was more like uncoordinated disgrace.
If you could fall off it, on it, through it, over it, under it, then I was your girl!

I was bitten by a monkey on a river cruise!
Slammed my fingers into a metal door jam & broke my arm just rolling off play equipment. I was around age 5 or 6.
I was concussed, cut, bruised & yet that never stopped me!
I would climb, jump, run & yes, drop like a stone to the ground with numerous stitches, ban-aides & bandages!
I was the child that needed to be wrapped in cotton wool but, probably would have been allergic to it.

Speaking of allergies, I nearly died from anaphylactic shock at 20 years old.
I woke up in intensive care & thought I’d died & gone to heaven.
The male nurse at the end of my bed was divine! I was waiting for puffy clouds & wings to sprout!
I had just had my wisdom teeth removed & my hair permed so, I looked gorgeous (not). Anesthetics & perms do not mix I can attest to that.
Picture this, an old silent movie set in an asylum with, a crazy lady huddled in a corner.
Covered in scratches from having torn at my skin from the incessant itch due to my allergic reaction.
Yep, that was the look. (Memorable & not Pretty!)

At age 38 whilst Billie-carting with my then 4 year old son, I careened down a hill on a gorgeous family day, straight into a tree!
Trees are hard & hurt but, we should still save them!

I broke my shoulder ball & dislocated the ball halfway down my arm.
Broke my clavicle & embarrassed myself into the bargain!

My son was fine & I didn’t cry but, cracked jokes.
I didn’t want to scare the children or make more of a fool of myself.
The paramedics thought I was a hoot, especially when I asked one to put a finger over my hole so, I could get more pain relief via that lovely whistle thingy they give you.

I tell everyone I was practicing for the Luge!
Like in the John Candy movie ‘Cool Running’s’.
Yes, I was bobsledding on grass in preparation for the winter Olympics in Australia in the height of summer!
My nephew thought the excitement was great as,he was bored. He sent me a get well card with white chocolate lindt balls stuck all over. (My Favorite πŸ˜‰

monkeybilly cart

Apart from everything & this is just a snippet,.
I hope you get a laugh at some of my exploits &, remember that trees don’t get out of the way, angels inhabit intensive care wards, monkeys like fingers & life can break your billy cart but, get up & laugh & live it.
I survived & so can YOU! πŸ™‚

Billy Cart Riders Unite & Ride Free.
Just watch out for those darned monkey’s & tree’s!

Awareb4 πŸ™‚