Don’t Disappoint or Displease or Distress me with your Disordered mind.
Many words describe a Disordered mind!

Like a Disease your a Disaster.
Your Disparaging comments showed you Disliked me.
Your Dishonesty is Disgusting.
You Disown people & remain Distant.
Your Dis-tempered & Disagreeable.
You act Disaffected & Disappear.
You Disallow everything & I Disapprove of the way you Disarmed me & left my life in Disarray.
You Disassociated yourself & left me in Disbelief after Discard.
It took Discipline not to Disclose your Discolored personality.
You Discombobulate everything & cause enormous Discomfort.
It’s Disconcerting the way you Disconnected & left me Discontent.
The Discord you created to Discredit so, as you wouldn’t be Discovered was used to Discriminate & treat all with Disdain.
You Disembody yourself & you Disembowel & you left me Disenchanted.
You Disengage, Disentangle & Dis enthrall.
Your behavior left me Disenfranchised.
Your a Disgrace & you Disgruntle many.
You cause Disharmony with your Dishonesty & you Dishonor& Disrespect all.
You leave Disillusionment we cannot Disinfect.
You show Disinterest & are Disloyal.
You Dismember & Disobey the norms.
Your Disorderly & you like to Disparage & left me Dispirited.
My Displeasure at being treated as Disposable has met with great Disapproval.
You Disrupted & Disseminated my life.
I wish I’d Dissevered & Disassociated from you long ago.
You are Distasteful & Distrusting.
Your Distance is welcomed as, I don’t like your Distorted view.
It Distracted & Disturbed me.
Someone that Disuses & Disposes people has no place in my life.
Please Disembark as I Dislike you!

Original post by Awareb4 🙂