Desensitization, Disconnection & The Disordered Mind.


My thoughts on Disordered Minds & an Expansion of these thoughts as a general opinion.

These thoughts  are individually my own but, that I’d like to express.


It’s been my experience to have seen how the Disordered Mind is desensitized & disconnected to the world around them.

Their effect on others is negated in their own mind.

They work very hard at causing a ‘flow on’ effect to their targets & the general populace.


The Disordered Minds in my life have always deflected, disarmed & caused great distress but, have neither the capacity to stop or in fact care.

They will feign shame for their behaviour or even apologise but, that is designed to make them feel better about their actions or in the very least appear sorry.


The Disordered Mind does not ever say sorry for the damage they cause,.

They just want to neutralise an uncomfortable situation & give the outward appearance of knowing what their behaviour has caused.

It is my observation that this is only done so, they are ‘let off the hook’ & the other party will not see the ‘truth’ behind the action & intention.


It also ‘breaks their opponent down’, to accept more & more by way of repeated assaults on the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual welfare of the other person or people.

‘Cognitive Dissonance’ causes an immobilization & mental paralyses. It confuses the other party who, in turn can become desensitized & disconnected as a form of protection. 


My Disordered Minds have always enjoyed watching violence. Either in movies or in real life.

I always refuse to watch gratuitous violence & shun the constant barrage of violence in the media & the results of it.


All of my disordered minds have said, you need to see what goes on in the world, stay informed!

I agree but, I do not need to watch it over & over.


I am not unaware of the perpetration & escalation of violent behaviour in the wider world.

I have done history & I see it perpetuated time & again.

Crimes against humanity have not gone unnoticed but, they did go undetected due to ‘Disordered Minds’ devious & covert activities.

Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Osama Bin Laden, Josef Mengele, Elizabeth Bathory, Talat Pasha, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Sung to name a few!


I have always maintained that the observing of or, interaction with or in gratuitous violence, either in the movies or in games is, like to much pornography & does pollute ones mind. It normalises it!

I know that images, especially graphic ones have haunted my mind for decades.

There is nothing normal about those images or acts upon my person or on others.

Be it ‘make believe’ or they really happened.

‘Make Believe’ is such a give away line & really means ‘Make You Believe!’

A Disordered Minds catch cry perhaps!


I truly believe & stated over & over to my Disordered Minds that it causes desensitization & disconnection &, watching it does nothing to stop it!

The naysayers then say, it’s all about perception & if ‘it’s just make believe’, it is not harmful?


I say in reply to that, ‘well then why was the world less violent years ago in the general day to day life of many’.

I don’t remember women or children being assaulted daily.

At least not in the world I knew or my mother or grandmother knew.


Is it in fact the Disordered Mindset that is permeating our society?

So, that their ultimate aim to control & manipulate is allowed to proliferate because, we have been desensitised & disconnected from our true selves by, people that are basically pathologically desensitised & disconnected in themselves?


I am pretty sure that if we don’t recognise this & move against it, it will & is like a disease (Dis-Ease) that spreads faster than the common cold!

Beware the Disordered Mind as it not only pollutes individually, it pollutes universally!



An original post by AwareB4.