Disordered Minds Are The Consummate Salesmen/Women!

Over the last twelve months I have ‘walked backwards’ into my life & my most important & also my most destructive relationships.

I came to realise that not only had I suffered numerous Disordered Minds, most were Salesmen.

They actually are salesmen in real life!

My ex husband was always on & selling himself.

He was a ‘Real’ Estate Salesman & had dabbled in car sales.

He was very well trained to ‘sell’ himself & his ‘pitch’ was very convincing.

He appeared very ‘Real’.

I decided to look behind the whole façade & everything literally fell into place.

My own façade crumbled.

Walls fell & the Wrecking Ball Moved In!

I had been conned, tricked, duped, used, abused & like a house, SOLD!

Sold to the highest bidder.

Sold a dream.

Sold many many lies.

What I was actually sold was like ‘The Money Pit’ movie!

I had been purchased as a ‘renovators delight’ as, he moved in & took residence in my soul house.

He could ‘Sell Ice To An Eskimo’, ‘Religion To The Pope’ & ‘Hay To A Farmer!’

In fact, he bought & sold me many times over.

He was also a gambler & threw me like a dice, on the toss of a coin.

His gambling addiction & alcohol addiction caused me enormous stress & anxiety.

I lived in perpetual ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ daily.

I came to know the ‘fog of confusion’ & battled my own mind & perceptions each day.

I built walls, repaired cracks, applied plaster, painted & to the outside, we looked perfect.

We were far from it in reality.

He was a classic ‘cat & mouser’ & he set me up like bowling pins & knocked me down & reset me continually.

He accrued debt & sailed us up ‘shit creek without a paddle’ then opened a ‘Paddle Store!’

As I’ve trawled back through the mire that was my life I knew I had be conned & sold out!

He left me after 19 years of abuse & literally moved into ‘another house’ without a backwards glance.

That was with our employee & my friend!

He sold her his charms/BS.

His ‘stick with me’ spiel.

His poker face!

Another deal, another con, another dupe!

I was flung off into the arms of another ‘Master Salesman’ but, this one was different.

My ex-husband was the Overt Narcissist/ Disordered Mind.

I then began a relationship with an extremely Covert Narcissist/Socialised Sociopath/Disordered Mind Gamer.

This eventuated as, I had to sell my car.

My ex withheld financial support ( still does) & as, all our cars were leased I had no choice than to sell the family car.

The ‘Rebound Salesman’ swooped in, swept me off my feet like my hero (he’s a Fireman & car Dealer).

The apparent  ‘Rescuer’ continued to schmooze,distort & basically sell me short!

This one could Sell ‘Superman His cape!’

He ‘sold a cage to my Lion’ but, the Lion is out of the cage & is Ready To Roar!

My advice to everyone is to be mindful of the Agent, the Lister, The Seller, The Buyer, The Closed Dealer.

The Hero, The Gambler, The Player that is ‘The Salesman!

It is probably you that is been Sold down the River!

Never ‘bid yourself’ or ‘put your property’ up ‘For Sale’ unless, you know your true Value & Worth.

Sell only to genuine buyers & buy fully knowing what you have purchased!

Read all ‘Terms & Conditions’ & always read the fine print!

You know the Deal, don’t be it.