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Value Empathy:

The capacity genuinely to care about other people’s feelings, even when you don’t have those same feelings at the same time or in the same way, is what builds & develops empathy.
This is a crucial attribute of emotional maturity.
If you are mean to someone, withholding of kindness, aggressive or cold & indifferent, you are demonstrating a lack of empathy.
( You are also demonstrating a lack of self-awareness & self-respect.)
Caring about one another not only modifies & controls our behavior, it also keeps us safe.

This can only happen when we allow other people to become ‘Real’ to us. Empathy is essential to that.


So, to all the ‘Real’ people out there, you are wonderful & we all need to stay ‘Real’ as the world needs us.

Be caring, compassionate & above all else, love your ability to ‘feel’ deep emotion for another.
This is what separates us from the pathological/toxic personalities that have infected & affected each of us.

Realness needs support & we must support ourselves & each other.


Keep it REAL, Authentic & True.

You are unique & individual, here for goodness & compassion.


Stay mindful of your effect on others always.

Use your intentions wisely & never cruelly.

Go Placidly….’Desiderata’ but, never undervalue your own worth!


Be Worthy & Be of Value & Make your Contribution to Humanity Worth Your Existence!